10 Commercial Stars Who Are Pop Cultural Icons

So you want to be famous? Sure you can go the TV series and film routes, but the chances are that you’ll never break into the big time.

You could, however, gain a good amount of notoriety if you choose to find companies looking for someone to act in their commercials.

Some of the men and women on this list have millions of social media followers, have earned millions of dollars, and have even gone on to land roles in movies and TV shows.

Here are 10 commercial stars who have made it big thanks to 30 second ad spots.

Dean Winters – Allstate’s Face Of Mayhem


Dean Winters has made regular appearances on 30 Rock, Law and Order: SVU, Rescue Me, and other shows. He is best known, however, as “Mr. Mayhem” on a string of popular Allstate commercials.

Winters is the guy who explains to drivers exactly how disaster can strike while they are driving down the road.

Watch closely and you will notice how much more beat up he looks as the commercials have continued.

Mayhem has millions of social media followers and that’s pretty cool.




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